As my mother used to say, "Turn that noise down!" I was at Alive After 5 last week and was enjoying visiting with friends and having a few of those 5 dollar beers on a nice evening. But, by about 6:30, the band had their music turned up so loud that people in our group couldn't hear what the other one was saying without yelling at the top of our lungs, so we left.


I realize that some folks like it that loud, but nobody in our group did. If I go to a concert to hear a specific act sing some of my favorite songs, I understand that it's going to get louder as the night goes on. But at what is supposed to be more of a social event, I don't understand why they turn it up so loud.


Nothing against the individual bands that play each week, but I didn't come to hear you. You are supposed to be background noise. And, frankly, loud music hurts my ears. So as soon as it's too loud, I just leave and go somewhere else and spend my money there.


I don't hate Alive After 5, or the bands that play at them or the people that DO like it loud. It's just not for me. And in my opinion, not the place for it.