We had the story of the guy who is crossing America with the goal of eating at every single Pizza Ranch location. I went to look up how many that was but was laughing too hard after I saw that there are 72 locations in Iowa alone.

I got the story from a post that a Wyoming radio station did. And they got some great comments. My favorite was, "This is a story, how?" I kinda thought the same thing. And how did the radio station even find out what this guy's goal is? Is he sending out press releases? Now if he had some sort of charitable tie-in, then I'd think that it's great. But if it's just "wanna watch me eat pizza," then I'm not as big of a fan.

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One of my favorite sayings from a golf buddy is, "You do you." And if eating at EVERY Pizza Ranch is what you want, then do it. But it's not something I'd publicize.

I'm pretty sure that if I sent out press releases to TV stations explaining how I was going to have a beer at every single place that sells beer in America, I wouldn't get the same type of coverage.

Personally, I don't want to eat at all of ANY franchise across our country. Even as picky as I am, I need a little variety along the way.

Also, who's got the money to take this trip? You start buying gas and motel rooms during peak travel season; it adds up fast.

Anyway, when he makes it to Billings, you can go check him out.

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