Besides being filled with pork, the 1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill has a mile-driven tax program tucked into it. WHAT? Oh yeah, in the 2700+ page bill there is some obscure language requiring the department of transportation to test the feasibility of taxing you for the number of miles you drive. This, reported by Haris Alic of The Washington Times.

Hey, do you think that is bipartisan? This bill will at least create a quarter of a trillion-dollar deficit on top of what we already have. Senator Steve Daines said he will not support the bill. How about Jon Tester? Will he do what his daddy tells him, or will he stick up for people in Montana who, by far, drive longer distances than other people around the country?

If you drive farther, you obviously buy more gas which in turn means you are paying more taxes for driving anyway. Tester should know that this will disproportionately hurt us more than others. Plus, now that Joe Biden wants all cars to be electric, the gas tax will plummet, so how are they going to make up for that revenue? I guess we know now, don't we.

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It's also being done to encourage people to use different modes of public transportation. Once again, we don't have those options here. Those Washington folks could care less about Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North and South Dakota. We are insignificant in their eyes. Once again, Tester's support for the new progressive movement will hurt most the very people he is supposed to represent. Thanks Jon. Have a great weekend. See ya Monday.

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