It's funny how money can ruin people and ruin families and relationships.

I've been working for the last year making sure that that doesn't happen with my kids. I'm very fortunate to have four kids who all get along great and really care about each other. I don't want to risk that so I'm making sure that nothing could come between them with me making all the decisions for them.

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Sure, I have the ones that will make some medical decisions, and an executor but other than that I have completely spelled things out. It's so important you do so. I have seen ranches that are lost and sold because of disagreements between a once-together family.

Look at what happened to Aretha Franklin and others when the kids get involved and start challenging the intentions of the deceased. Law allows you to even make handwritten adjustments to your wishes in case for instance you have a car or something you want to allocate and it's legal.

It doesn't matter how many assets you have or how large or small, if it's not spelled out greed will take over and there will be a fight. I think about this often and with Uncle Sam sitting there waiting for rigor mortis to catch up with you, you better act now.

With help from professionals, you can do it right and avoid probate which is the last thing that your family needs. I know, it's tough to deal with, and believe me it's sad to think about the time we have left but that's life so make sure you're at ease knowing you've done what is best.

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