Do you and your family have favorites when it comes to dining out? Are you the "old reliable" or "someplace new every time"?

I'd like to see what Carver's looks like, but I just don't eat large portions anymore. So it doesn't make sense to pay all-you-can-eat prices to eat half of a plate. That's part of the problem when you're eating for one.

So when I'm dining out, I'll order expecting to take some of that meal home and heat it up the next day. A large sandwich, for me, is 2 meals. And the large taco pizza from Godfather's is 4-5 meals. And for whatever reason, it's the only pizza that I like reheated.

I haven't been to our new Chipotle yet but will try them out. They feature a kind of different menu. Plus, they're on the right side of the road when I'm coming into town for dinner. The right side of the road plus how many cars in that place's parking lot are a big factor for me. I'm not really a "wait in liner" anymore.

My "Daddy/daughter" night means that we're going to Fuddruckers. Because I always let her pick, I've been trying to get her to the revamped Village Inn Pizza next to CJ's, but no luck yet.

Next for me is trying to hit some more of the food trucks. First off, they're everywhere. Secondly, it's a great way to support some local business owners. And they're always fast. And everything is "to go".

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