Do you stay in touch with old coworkers? This weekend, I was trying to recall a few folks that I have had pass through our building over our 37 years. Obviously, when you get into our age range, you'll have a few that pass away. And to be honest, we're at the age where you're gonna lose a few. Be glad it's not your turn yet. How many we've lost, I can't really say because we started working here before the internet or cell phones. I've looked for a few on Facebook, but many people our age have never set up an account on there.

Also, factor in that radio tends to be a transient business, at least for on-air people. Everybody's moving on to a bigger market trying to make more money. And sometimes they thought that if they stuck around here, they might end up with our jobs, which usually happens. Most morning shows don't stay in one spot for thirty-seven years. We're a little surprised ourselves.

Salespeople come and go because of the shortage of good ones. So they'll get an offer from across the street and change places because they'll make a few more bucks.

There are a couple of former sales gals who don't speak to me, but I understand why.

So to our 17 former general managers, dozens of on-air folks, and countless salespeople who once worked here, I hope you're doing OK. And if you ever read these articles, this is your official notification that there will not be any sort of reunion or get-together.

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