The mighty Oak Ridge Boys play Alberta Bair tonight and I'm excited to see them.

All 4 guys combined are 275 years old. Seriously. Joe Bonsall is the youngest at 69 and William Lee Golden is 78. Golden is the one that left the group in 87 and returned in 95. And had a minor solo hit with "Love Is The Only Way Out".

Joe Bonsall sang with sawyer Brown on the hit song "Out Goin Cattin".

The bass singer, Richard Sterben, at one time sang with Elvis. And quite frankly has one of the most amazing voices that you will ever hear live.

If you like Ray Charles, there's a song on the "Friendship" album called "This Ol Heart" that they do together that I've always liked. And you can hear the boys on George Jones "I'm Still The Same Old Me".

And one last random bit: These guys have had TWO hit songs entitled "Come On In".

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