Everyone, Meet Reba!  

This wonderful dog is three-legged but that doesn’t stop her from being happy and energetic. Reba wowed us with her personality and her gorgeous color. She’s going to make a perfect family dog, or for someone who needs their new best friend. 

Reba’s History 

A family surrendered Reba to YVAS after finding out her leg surgery was going to cost thousands of dollars. YVAS took care of it all, as she is an amputee. YVAS is asking that whichever family takes her home, to do follow up care for her incisions and stitches with the shelter. 

They want the new family to take good care of her. But don’t let the tri-pod fool you- she doesn’t even realize she has three legs. And- it makes her way cute! She is spayed, vaccinated, and ready to take home. 

Reba’s Personality 

She is so sweet, loves to cuddle and get scratches on her butt and ears. She doesn’t bark much, as YVAS told us they haven't heard her bark yet. But they suspect she may let out a couple woos here and there. She has those big brown puppy-dog eyes that are sure to make your heart melt. 

She wanted the cone off her head ASAP, as she was scratching it uncontrollably in the Mix 97.1 studio. YVAS says she’d be great for other dogs, kids, and might be a bit curious about cats. Reba rides well in the car and walks just fine. She’s quite gentle and just needs a loving home to take good care of her! 

Reba’s Breed 

YVAS suspects she’s a small hound but is a mix of breeds. She’s a looker and gets lots of attention for her tri-pod legs. What a gem Reba is! Take her home... you won’t regret it. 

More about YVAS 

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has been around the Billings Community since 2007 and became the official city companion for sheltering animals in 2009. Since the creation of YVAS, they have become the largest animal shelter in Montana, with over 5,000 animals coming through their doors each year.   

Right now, YVAS is more than just a shelter. They work toward reuniting lost pets with their owners, provide adoption services, offer foster care for pets, and go out of their way to volunteer in the community. 
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The Wet Nose Wednsday ALL STARS Who Found Furever Homes

We are very proud to announce with Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter the successful adoption rate from Wet Nose Wednesday featured shelter pets is at 100%!!!!!

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