• My week started out with kabobs. I cubed some new york steaks in a mango/habanero marinade and then skewered them with onion, mushrooms, and green, yellow, and orange peppers. All of which were cut up and packaged for me by the nice people at Albertsons. They also do one of those packages for taco fixings.
  • "But it's a DRY heat." We set a new record high temperature this week.
  • If you care to comment on the Billings Bypass, go to billingsbypasscorridor.com
  • I don't know how many "Wilson's" sell cars across our country. But apparently, there are a lot of us.
  • The rumor mill says that we are getting a Top Golf. I will buy a membership if they offer them.
  • I hope you heard the commercial that Paul & I did for the DoubleTree Hotel.
  • Do you want to hear about my new work computer? Didn't think so.
  • This week we also covered "Wilson Luck." It included Sheryl Crow standing there waiting for me holding a Vanilla Coke from Burger Master. Fifty-three days.
  • The Roberston Draw Fire shows just how dry this area is right now. Praying for rain. We need it badly.

I guess that this would be MY reckless drivers page. I didn't get all of the offenders in traffic that were around me this week. And I took that picture while I was stopped. I didn't want to end up on somebody else's "Bad Drivers" page.

  • Followed one gentleman down King Avenue who either didn't know his emergency flashers were on or possibly, he was just being his own parade.
  • The guy who could not fit any more wood pallets into his tiny pickup. At least you had everything strapped down.
  • The driver that was heading north on 27th street this morning who, to his credit, used his blinker, before turning left onto the railroad tracks.
  • And I had two different drivers who were on the inside lane of roundabouts who decided that they were leaving by going through my vehicle. I don't honk. I don't yell. I go a different way next time.

And finally, this is the anniversary of losing my dad six years ago. His voice is still on my stepmother's home phone and I can still hear him when I play his songs. Thanks for all the kind compliments and the folks who checked in on me.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday at 5.

PHOTOS: 2021 Robertson Draw Fire Near Red Lodge, Montana

Photos: 2021 Crooked Creek Fire in Pryor Mountains, Montana

"Wildland fire on public lands managed by the Custer Gallatin National Forest, 25 miles east of Bridger, Mont., in the Pryor Mountains near the southern border of the Crow Indian Reservation." (Photos by Colby K. Neal/BLM) - Bureau of Land Management Montana and Dakotas

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