We were talking with some coworkers this morning about some people who were on vacation. They had friends who were going to be in Las Vegas for a week. I couldn't stay that long. Not in Las Vegas. Not unless I had someplace to stay away from the bright lights and hubbub. Seven days there is a long stay.

"Well, you stay in Mexico for seven days." True. But there, I can get away from the action if I want to. Sure, there are days spent by the pool where they're playing volleyball and pounding out that boom-boom-boom party rhythm. I don't mind an afternoon of that. But mostly, my week is generally spent at the Quiet Pool with a book and amazing service. Everything from nachos to pizza is delivered right to your chair, which is located in the shade.

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Part of it for me is getting older. I'd still like to see another show at Red Rocks, and maybe drive through the mountains the next day. I don't want to look for a new adventure every single day.

Now, one place where I can spend seven days is at a friend's cabin in western Montana. It's just out of town. The lake is about a four-minute hike away. I've had my coffee on the patio there while talking to the chipmunks and deer who were just lying in the shade.

I've reached a point in my life where I've seen enough motel rooms. Give me a cot at one of those KOA cabins and a book, and I'll spend a week there.

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