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I made a rare visit to Rimrock Mall last week because a group of teenagers begged me to take them there.

I snapped a picture of this to remind me to look this up and see what's coming our way. So I did. Great news. We'll have another place to hold birthday parties for kids.

According to Ka-Ko Joe's website, they would like you to stay and play all day long. They will have over 40 of the "hottest redemption/video games."

They will have a couple of different types of parties that you can book. Both start with a dedicated party host. They will also provide all of the plates, cups, and utensils. You just bring your own birthday cake and up to ten kids and your birthday party planning is done.

When playing the games you earn "E-tickets." These can be redeemed at their redemption counter. I'm guessing that this means the days of holding what looked like a messy bouquet of tickets and trying to get them counted to see if you have enough tickets for that secret decoder ring are long gone.

The website says that they will be locally owned and there are already two Ka-Ko Joe's located in Casper, Wyoming and Idaho Falls.

I think back to when Chuck E. Cheese had the kids' birthday party market cornered. I went to one of my friend's kid's parties there and when Mr. Cheese's band started playing, it scared our guest of honor half to death. In his defense, he was only turning three.

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