Big week for politicians stopping by our show. We got to visit with Tanner Smith, who's running for governor. We enjoyed getting to know him a little bit. Elsie Arntzen also stopped in on Thursday. Tim Sheehy this morning.

The Montana Broadcasters are sponsoring the Tester-Sheehy debate, but you can't attend unless you belong to their association.

Golfer Scottie Scheffler got arrested on his way to the tournament this morning but got sprung in time to make his tee time. I'm looking forward to hearing that story. Also looking forward to sleeping through that very tournament this afternoon.

We announced the Wynonna concert this week. She'll be here in September. Out of all the famous folks we've met, she's one of my favorites.

From the ACM Awards, what I've learned is that Lainey Wilson, Post Malone, and Jelly Roll are the future. And it appears nobody is going to give Morgan Wallen any trophies. Geez, you throw ONE bench off a roof...

Our Billings Bypass, which will connect Lockwood with Highway 312, will open next year.

Montana Veterans Meat Locker is giving away a Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum and a Henry Golden Boy in .22. Tickets are 20 bucks apiece or 6 for $100.

Check our website to learn about how you could get your voice on the radio.

I stand 100% behind Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker.

Be sure to get your ballots filled out and mailed in.

I had a listener ask me to wear my seat belt more often, so I am. We've had too many people killed in our area lately.

Have a great weekend. We're back Monday at 5.

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