A selfie in the right moment is ok I suppose. Heck, I admit I take them.  However I do not take them in every flipping moment imaginable. OMG! A bug sneezed!...selfie time!!!

I bring this up because there are times when the selfie is so stupid that it pains everyone else around you.

The other day my wife was in a drive through line. The lady in front of her got a coffee and then proceeded to take a large number of selfies with her coffee until she found the perfect one. The worker at the window was motioning to her to move which she ignored and my wife even honked at her to which she flipped my wife off.


No one and I mean NO ONE cares about you with your coffee. You are completely self absorbed to the point the rest of the world doesn't exist and I have a problem with that.

Please put down the phone and move along.