This thing about Metra park being run by a private company has everyone in a tizzy. Not me. It's a No brainer if you are as consistent and true to your beliefs as I always am. I don't really care which way they go.  But, I do want to make this point very clear. If they decide to go private with this private company making the decisions on prices, operations, entertainment, and more, then everything should be private, and not one taxpayer dollar should go into making it easier for the potential private company to provide entertainment.

No other entertainment venue in town gets tax dollars that are privately run and owned. Not Jakes, not the Pub Station, not Hooligans, not the Olive Garden, no one. If any tax dollars are used then the county and taxpayers should have the final say period.

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Control over everything including operations, leadership, and improvements throughout the entire operation, period. You either go private or it's the county not a mix of both. Who wouldn't like a private company that doesn't have to worry about risk when they can lean on the taxpayers for their funding.

It's better to have local control if we are paying the bill. I believe we can find someone who has the knowledge and Moxy to run the facility without changing the system. But if they do choose then do it without us paying for it.

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