"Might as well face it, you're addicted to YOUR PHONE!"

My daughter is 16 now, and we don't see much of each other—something to do with cars and boys. But I always make it a point to make sure that we have dinner together once a week. It gives us a chance to get caught up in each other's lives.

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I have a no-cell phone rule while we're together. When I catch her on her phone at the restaurant, I take her picture and send it to her. It frustrates her. But then she can actually put her phone down for the 30 or so minutes while we eat.

I tell her that she's addicted to her phone. She doesn't believe me. So I Googled it this morning and I found some interesting stats.

46% of Americans admit that they are addicted to their phones.

44% of us say that not having our phones with us gives us anxiety.

20% of car accidents are caused by cell phones.

Look at other drivers in traffic. A lot of them are doing something on their phones.

Here's the stat that blew my mind. 1 in 8 people have interrupted intimacy with their partner to check their phone. I'm completely serious. In my experience, checking your phone at that particular moment would lead to NO intimacy for a very long time to come.

I hate how much time I spend on the internet and on my phone each workday, but that is what the job has become these days.

I think that I speak for most people that there are just times when I couldn't care less what is going on with my phone.

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