"Play Me Some Old Alabama" isn't just a great Brad Paisley song, it's what Paul suggested this morning at 5am. And since I've heard "Wait In The Truck" and "Heart Like A Truck" seventeen million times, I figured why not? And since the powers that be who schedule our music don't schedule Alabama anymore, it was a nice break for us. And hopefully for the listeners too.

I emceed Alabama's concert they did at the fair here in about 1988. And back then, each act did two shows. Normally I would introduce the act and stay for one or two songs. But I sat all the way through their show. They were absolutely awesome. And backstage they were also very friendly to everybody who was working that night. Which isn't always the case.

That entire "Feels So Right" album takes me back to when I and a couple of buddies grabbed a twelve-pack of Olympia and drove all the way from Great Falls through the Highwood Mountain and ended up in downtown Belt. Good times.

And because Paul always gives me a hard time about my top 5 lists, I'm doing my top 5 Alabama songs. Your list may differ.

At 5 I have "See The Embers, Feel The Flame". Guitar and fiddle player Jeff Cook only got to sing one song on every album. And I always liked this one.

Number 4 is "Ride The Train".

Number 3 is "Tar Top". The summer this was out, there was this girl...

Number 2 is "I'm in a Hurry".

And number one for me is "Take Me Down". And not the radio edit version that's only 3:35 long. I'm talking about the entire 4:53 album version.

More single artist days to come on our show.

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