Last Night
Tonight is the last night to become a qualifier for the Flakes Trip. We will be at the Octoberfest German restaurant from 5-7. Bring your Benz or Volkswagen, have some food, and get signed up.The party is Saturday so good luck. Schnell....
Can We Stop Caravans Without Border Wall?
The migrant caravan continues to get closer to our border. Any way you look at it, it must be stopped, preferably in Mexico. Our country cannot let an invasion of 10,000 people cross our border and overrun a city here.
No Mexico
The State Dept. has issued a travel warning for Americans traveling to Playa Del Carmen. The recent explosion on a ferry to Cozumel is just the latest incident to bring about the warning. Just FYI, we will not be going back to Mexico any time soon for our Flakes trip...
Flakes Trip #22
We have announced the details this morning for our annual trip.
Located on 71 tropical, ocean front acres in the Mayan Riviera, the secrets Capri beckons you.
we have two options for you to join us. Monday to Monday, leaving January 22nd...
Relaxing By The Pool
Flashback to exactly one week ago. The difference temperature wise is about 100 degrees from last Friday till today. This was the "Quiet Pool" that was closest to our room. Relaxing music being pumped in and it was extremely relaxing. I couldn't post my pictures of anybody mis…
Pool Time In Mexico
Mexico flashback continues with a picture of the Aalgaard and Slates.  Nice folks who spent a fair amount of time near the swim up bar.  It turns out that the "floaties" also work nicely as beverage holders.
Mexicans For Trump
While in Mexico I talked to Miguel who worked at the resort setting up beach chairs and he said that he and his friends love Trump.  They were enthused about the prospect of creating thousands of jobs in America.
He said people will get visa's and go to work and become millionaires. &…
Volleyball Spectator
All week I'll share some pictures of last week at the Secrets Akumal resort.  This was early in the week.  I was a spectator at pool volleyball.
Make Next Year That Someday
We will be leaving this weekend for our annual Flakes trip.  You have to put this on your bucket list.  The resort in the Caribbean is great but what makes the trip awesome is the group of people that go.  You will have the time of your life and memories and friendships are forge…
Winning A Mexico Trip With The Flakes
Travel Cafe 259-0999. Let's just start with that very important piece of information. We announced this years destination for our annual trip.
Check out the website for Secrets Akumal, talk to your significant other and then join us for a fantastic week in Mexico at the end of January...

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