The fish were biting, literally.

One of my everyday routines while in Mexico is to snorkel. I always take my own gear and I don't need a life jacket, so I can go at random. One day while I was out, I stopped at a buoy and held it below the water. I learned this trick many years ago by trial and error. Any fish that are in the area will come and frantically feed on the algae and things on it.

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This time, though, was different. After watching the hundreds of fish swarming around of them bit me. The first time that ever happened. It left a perfect imprint of its upper and lower jaw on my arm. I couldn't wait to get back to shore and tell everyone the fish were biting.

Credit: Paul Mushaben, TSM
Credit: Paul Mushaben, TSM

Participated in some boat fishing.

I did take the opportunity to actually go fishing one afternoon. The water was calm and it was fun, even though we didn't catch a lot, we did ok. We hauled in some bottom fish, two of which were bit in half on the way up. We caught a small tuna about 4-5 lbs. We also hooked a large barracuda. This thing was 4 to 5 feet long and had teeth that could take your arm off. The deckhand immediately took a hatchet-like club to its head. They won't put their hands anywhere close until it's dead. Those teeth were like razors. I'm glad they didn't come to feed on me like that white fish earlier in the day.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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