I got to thinking about this today because we have our Flakes Trip kick-off tonight at The Den. We will take the next two months to qualify people for a trip of a lifetime.

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The big event is the trip giveaway party in November. Our biggest problem is always finding a venue large enough to hold the people. This year, fortunately, we will be at the Rhoadside Event Center (Blue Cat Bar & Grill) in Huntley. Perfect fit.

You folks know though, if you try to find a venue for a wedding, reunion, or whatever it's tough to find a place. We have a very limited amount of places in Billings that can accommodate a large gathering. Finding a spot for a wedding in the Summer is really tough. Christmas parties for larger companies are also tough. Many times, people are forced to pick a not-so-ideal time just to find a place to accommodate.

There are restaurants that have banquet rooms and things, but no way can they accommodate groups of 100 or more. There is also big money that can be made having a venue that large but initial set-up costs and finding help are also discouraging.

So where do you people go? The Depot or Camelot Ranch maybe. The Metra rents the Pavilion or Expo Center but they're not very elegant or cozy, just a block building.

I guess the only thing you can do is to start two years early or wait for something to open up. Good problem if you run a venue, bad problem if you need to find one.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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