So this parenting thing comes with the occasional "What am I supposed to do here?" situation which is where I find myself at this moment. If you don't have kids, there is a good chance this will seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, but you have to keep in mind that kids have a way of retaining some things forever. More importantly, you don't always know what those things will be. This is the kind of thing that seems trivial now, but may be used against me frequently later in her life.

The scenario I'm describing in the video is about stretching the truth just a little. She's 10 and needs to be 11 to do a particular thing on our upcoming vacation. She was shocked when I suggested we lie about her age and to be honest, I'm happy she's appalled at the idea. I want to keep that as long as possible. But I also want her to have a chance to drive the go karts in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee next week.

What would you do?

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