Flakes Trip 28 is a go! We announced this year's destination this morning. It's the same as last years. Secrets Akumal.

"Why do you go back to the same place?" we get asked.

Flight availability is the biggest reason. We have to book flights this far out to make sure that we get as many seats as we need. Airlines won't sell us all of the seats on the plane because they make significantly more money on seats booked closer to the dates when the flights leave. We like to change planes once making sure that we don't miss any flights.

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And while we were talking about Akumal this morning, I hopped on Trip Advisor to read some reviews. I found some interesting reading.

There are over 9,000 reviews that people who have been there took the time to write. Of those 9,000, 7,784 rated the resort "Excellent".

But there always a few who didn't share that sentiment. 47 of them to be exact.

Now, I'm not saying that things can't occasionally go wrong, but most of the negative things written happened to folks who weren't with a large group, complete with a couple of travel agents who are right there with them. And of course, they weren't in the company of two Montana radio greats.

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Two main take aways from the bad reviews were:

1. Don't get sucked in to a time share sales pitch in order to get another night at the resort for free.

2. Wash your hands. Being sick isn't fun anywhere. Especially when you're on vacation.

This year's trip sold out in about 40 minutes while we were on the air this morning. But there is a waiting list you can still get in on. So call Travel Cafe at 406-259-0999 and get your name on it if you are interested in tagging along.

The two departures are January 24th and 25th, 2023.

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