There was an article this morning that came out on the Webb telescope and what it found. It's been in the sky for one year now and just revealed a dramatic close-up of fifty young stars close to the moment of birth.

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Space... The Final Frontier

This area of space is some 390 lightyears away, which I still don't get. All of the young stars appear to be no bigger than our sun. I really don't understand all of this space stuff. This telescope cost 10 billion dollars so it must be good but how can something see so far away? Hard for me to believe that it can send back pictures and other info when my phone will drop a call when I get in a low spot.

Aliens? Tin Foil Hats?

I do believe that there is some life form out there, but how can these spaceships travel millions and millions of miles to get to earth, and then have a breakdown when they get here and crash? Does anyone ever tell you what type of fuel these things use and why we don't use that technology if they know? The mileage must be awesome.

The Northern Lights

Anyway, tomorrow is the best night to catch the Northern Lights. Another great sight that you can actually see with your OWN eyes. All kinds of gases and light reflections make us all wonder if there is life out there somewhere. Plus if all of the stars align just right and your timing is right, you'll be $725 million richer tomorrow from Powerball. Although I think the chances of being abducted by aliens is greater.

See ya tomorrow at 5

The Dash-Inn in Lewistown, Montana

The Dash-Inn in Lewistown, Montana

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