So, I finished cutting on Saturday night and decided to head to town for dinner. Why not kill two birds with one stone and get fitted for the suit I need for Maddy's wedding. John and I go in and get measured--chest, arm length, inseam, waist etc. Then comes the shoes, great. The nice guy asks if I want to pay for all of it or just 20%. I said sure I'll pay for all of it. After I paid, I told John, "Congratulations you're the owner of a new suit." He said, "What do you mean?" and I told him, "I just spent $400 on suits." He then informed me that that was just to rent the suits. I about crapped.

He said, "Dad, think about it. Do you think you can get a tailored made suit for 200 bucks? The shoes alone would be $150." I guess he was right. Then, I thought why so much? You can rent a skid steer loader for less than that. Heck, you can rent a truck all day from U-Haul for 29.99. Before the price surge, you could rent a car less than that or a hotel room. You can rent a camper that sleeps six for $189, so why would a suit be so much? I guess I've been out of touch with rental rates lately. We used to rent tuxedos all the time for our promotions here at the station and I think it was $35 for the works. One thing we all know for sure is that there is NO inflation whatsoever.

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