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Let me start by saying that my post about Mick Holien passing away is not a sad one. Mick loved his life, and he sure loved being the voice of the University of Montana Athletics.

Back in 1985, KGVO radio hired my dad as program director. And after hiring me, he talked Mick Holien into quitting his job at the bowling alley to come be on the radio. Although we all only worked together for a couple of years, we had a lot of great adventures.

Missoula Big Sky High School had only been open for a couple of years and their football team made the playoffs for the first time. Back in those days a lot of high school games didn't have anybody doing the play-by-play for the folks back in the visiting team's hometown. This game was going to be in Great Falls against the Bison.

Well, Mick thought it was important for the Missoula parents to hear the game, so Mick, me, and a guy named "Doc" piled into Mick's Oldsmobile and braved some of the worst roads that Montana had to offer.

We got to Memorial stadium to discover that the announcer's booth wasn't heated. I can't recall the temperature that night but single digits seem to stand out in my mind for some reason.

So, we do the game and hop back in the Oldsmobile and head back to Missoula. We had to go back the same night because between the three of us, we couldn't afford a motel room. Let alone three rooms. I do recall that we made thirty-five bucks each, minus what we chipped in for a tank of gas.

Mick was one of those guys who loved what he did for a living. And when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. So, I know Mick would tell you what a great life he had. But, I'll still miss him.

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