Flakesgiving week is always a busy one. But it's "Good busy". And we quit taking delivery addresses at 4 pm, Friday. And we won't be taking any more on Saturday. If you want to ensure that your family gets a meal, be at Metra Saturday at noon. That's when we begin handing them out.

Photo: Johnny Vincent
Photo: Johnny Vincent

This week we learned that ESPN's College Game Day was headed to Bozeman for the Cat/Griz game. One of the guys on that show, Rece Davis, is some sort of long-lost relative of mine. We met at a family reunion in Memphis back in the 1980s. But since I've never gotten a Christmas card from him, I'm assuming that he won't be staying at my place while he's in Montana.

Our friends in Bucky Beaver tell me that they are retired and plan to stay that way.

I thought it was pretty funny when I saw how many people watch "Yellowstone" like I do. You could call it "religiously". And their prequel to the prequel called "1923" will debut on December 18th. I might as well get hooked on that one too.

Congratulations to our friend and hall of fame coach Iona Stookey on championship number 14 for her at Huntley Project.

Missoula got their Chick-Fil-A open. So now you can finally try their famous chicken sandwich in Montana. Which I did when they were handing them out in Billings a few weeks back for free. As soon as I told people that, they told me that I had to try the spicy chicken sandwich. I will. Unless there's a long line. And there will be one for a while.

I'm off to assemble meals at the fairgrounds. Anybody got some hot chocolate?

ESPN College Gameday Bus Arrives in Bozeman

Bobcat fans were eager to welcome the ESPN College Gamedayas it rolled through Bozeman on its way to the Montana State University Campus.

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