I believe that i already pay enough of wages in taxes. Over half of my earnings go towards assorted taxes. That's going to have be enough. And I know that I'm not alone on this.

We gave the schools 122 MILLION dollars three years ago. That's going to have be enough. From me anyway.

I'm not against hiring more teachers, or reducing class sizes or helping gifted students. I'm just tired of more money from me always being the answer. More. More, more, more.

Hey, Terry Bauck, how much will be enough? Will we ever hit a plateau that the schools will have to get by on? And when are you going to make some cuts in your administrative heavy organization and help reduce the costs? That never seems to happen in school district 2. You can't tell me that we couldn't go through the entire budget and not find some things we could live without. You know, like those of us who pay all of the schools bills have to do?

And now you have the nerve to come back and ask for more. Not just no, but HELL NO!

It's time that we revamp how schools get funded in Montana. Talk to your state legislators about taking advantage of our natural resources in our state and how it can help ease the burden on the people who are paying all of the states bills.