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"Cruising and playing the radio. With no particular place to go." Chuck Berry said this and I've always loved not just the song but also the idea of just going for a drive. That's sort of what I did Saturday except I had a football game to get to. But I left early enough to allow myself some "windshield time."

I got off the interstate just east of Livingston and headed North through Clyde Park, Wilsall and then over into Townsend through Deep Creek Canyon.

It was sunny and barely a breath of wind. I lost count of the hunters' pickups parked by the side of the road while they were in search of their prey.

I saw this great Halloween get up as I was leaving Wilsall. Not everybody can park an old pickup in their front yard and make it look good like these folks have done. I'd love to know if there's a story about the pickup being their grandpa's or something cool like that.

Something about the image of somebody putting some real effort into decorating for Halloween, along with how brilliant white the mountains looked in the background while cruising through the middle of nowhere, it reminded me of taking those kinds of drives with my folks when I was a kid on Sundays. Drives were about all we could afford.

Anyway, on to Townsend where Jake Fox, playing in his final football game, scored both of Huntley Project's touchdowns and could have had at least one more.

If only they would have let Uncle Mark call a couple of plays.

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