Time is flying by folks, so don't wait. We only have 30 days left for you to qualify for the Flakes trip, so don't hesitate.

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Next week we will be out at Famous Dave's on Thursday, so check it out. The trip itself is only 100 days away, so that's knocking on the door, as well.

How about Flakesgiving? Coming up in November, so start your fundraising. It's only a month away. Pumpkin pies are out at Costco, so you know Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

We're only 75 days from Christmas, so start shopping online if you're going to get things shipped. Ya, I know everything is coming quicker and quicker each year.

Before you know it, we'll all be ordering walk-in bathtubs and wearing diapers again.

What do you all think about that teacher in Lockwood putting a Palestinian flag up on the classroom door? I wonder if that teacher put a Saudi Arabian flag up on 9/11 when we were attacked. Might have more on that for you Monday.

Nile rodeo is this weekend and the Nile events were the 4th most profitable events for Metra last year. One of the events unique to this year's Nile is the cattle drive. That's tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. around 3rd Heads by Western Ranch then back to Metra. Might be worth checking out.

Stay safe and vigilant this weekend as Jihad has been declared on the world so keep your eyes open. Nothing will probably happen but we should always be aware of our surroundings these days ...

We'll see ya back here Monday at 5.

PhotoFest: National High School Finals Rodeo

PhotoFest: National High School Finals Rodeo

Gallery Credit: Dee Welsch

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