For Weird Wednesday we asked listeners to call in names that they just don't hear anymore.

And we got a huge response including a man named Marion (like Charlie Russell's middle name). And a couple of men whose first names were Shirley.

There was a Martile, along Forrest. We also got Myra, Zella, Norma, Connie, and Terra.

Our friend Corrina was listening and chimed in with her own name.

Cornelius, Vernon, Zita Edna, Bernice, and Delores. I have never known anyone with most of the names that called in or messaged today.

In my family, Doyle was married to Gertrude on my dad's side of the family. On my mom's side, Lester married Jane. And my mom's uncle was named Rusty. I have no idea where his folks came up with that one.

Then when my dad married his last wife, in addition to learning all the names of her family, I also had to learn the family nicknames.

Dave Wilson Mark Wilson radio
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

The family hardly ever used their given names. So when somebody told me to take that present from Pinky and give it to Shirt. Um, OK.

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Most of that family still calls me Marko or Dudley. And then with all my nieces, nephews, and assorted my friends' kids, I'm Uncle Mark.

And the one call that we got today was from a lady who had a relative who named her baby after the doctor who delivered the kid.

Interesting day at my job today. I have to go now and get those 46 voicemails that we racked up this morning.

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