We are all proud of our given names, or at least we should be.  What does you family name say about you?

Your history, where you came from your heritage?

Your family Coat of Arms or Crest?

As I get older, I have been doing more research on my family heritage.

It mostly started to really peak my interested after my dad (John) passed away a couple of years ago.

My Grandfather Francis (in above photo) came over directly from Ireland.

Making me the second generation of Gallagher's born in the US.

And I am seriously looking into becoming a dual citizen.


We are planning a huge Gallagher family reunion next year and seeing names and updates on the Facebook Gallagher page, from as far away as Donegal, Ireland is very interesting.

There are many versions of origin of the Gallagher name, some true, some are tall Irish tales told over the years.

What does you name mean and say about you?

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