Have you hoarded all of the gift cards that you've been given like I have?

I either put them back in the card that they came in. Or I do actually place them in my pickup. Only to go inside without a card to pay for dinner. Thinking that I'll remember next time.

The Visa gift cards are great because you can do ANYTHING with them. Sushi? More golf balls? A #2 at Wendy's drive-through? How about YES to all? And all with the same card.

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In the state of Montana, gift cards never expire. So even if you find an old one, it's still good.

I have all of mine in a tiny envelope that I keep in my pickup. And my daughter and I have "Daddy-daughter night", I have her pull out the envelope and pick a card. And that's where we go. Quality time combined with a discounted dinner.

Mark Wilson and his daughter
Credit: Mark Wilson

All that being said, any gift card is better than having to clip the coupons as we did back in the day. You had to clip it. You had to remember to bring it. That was if you could remember where you put it in the first place.

So if you're out over the next few weeks, you might see me at The High Horse, The Vig, The Burger Dive (who serve beer now), or the 406. I've got 4 cards from them. Both the "Dive" and 406 supported the county spelling bee for many years. So we ended up with some cards.

Friends Eating Burgers and Fries
Credit: Stock Snap 899430 via Pixabay

And fear not, servers. Your tip will be in cash.

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