I'm going to see Garth this weekend, but I'm dreading the lines for everything from entry, to buying refreshments, to the bathroom. But, I want to see the show, so I'm going.

And the thing about it is, he's not even really one of my "top 10" artists, but his show is a good old fashioned rock & roll show with fiddles. By that, I mean, you get some antics and some true energy being put out by the biggest ticket seller in country music.

I'm also going to see the Oak Ridge Boys next week. Not for the "event", but because I've listened to these guys since I was a kid and my dad played their songs on his radio show. And if you've never been in a room where Richard Sterben sings "Oom pa pa moww moww", then you just haven't lived.

I'm going to see Paul Simon for a similar reason. The "Sounds Of Silence" album was played frequently on my parents hi-fi and I know every word to every song. And I enjoy his solo work too. I sure hope he does "Train In The Distance". Love that song.


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