I was talking to a guy that I worked for in 1986. And we were laughing about why I quit working for him.

I was making $800 a month. I was asking for a $100 raise. He said no. So I listed all of the extra tasks that I had been so willing to take on: Remote broadcasts, calling basketball games that nobody else wanted to call when it meant driving in a blizzard to get to, and wearing the moose suit.

The station mascot was a moose. And wearing it was terrible, especially when it was hot outside. But it paid ten bucks an hour.

And he said to me, "Hey, if you think that you can do better somewhere else, then go do it". I quit three days later. And he said that he knew that a small AM radio station was not the place I needed to be. So he said what he said to motivate me. Hmm. Musta worked.

Credit: Mark Wilson
Credit: Mark Wilson

About that same time, I was taking classes at the University of Montana. And I was taking an Introduction To Radio/TV class. I explained to the professor that I was already working in broadcasting and would like to just test out of a class that I thought I didn't need.

"Firstly, NOBODY tests out of my classes. Secondly, your chances of succeeding in broadcasting without finishing my class are slim at best."

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Well, I didn't just quit his class. I quit college altogether and went to work. I was already working at a country station anyway. Also working 40 hours each week making pizzas. And doing the occasional DJing dances on weekends.

I can't remember that guy's name. But I'd like to tell him that it's worked out.

Mark Wilson Cat Country 102.9
Credit: TSM / Canva

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