There are several streets in and around our area where people like to press down on the throttle a little bit. I have a few spots that I do it too.

As drivers are coming off of Main Street in the Heights, it's almost as if somebody dropped the green flag at Daytona on opening weekend.

I always drive about five miles per hour over the posted limit anyway. But some people have passed me and had to be going at least seventy-five miles per hour on that stretch. And I understand why. There are not many places that law enforcement can hide a cop with a radar gun until you get closer to 13th street. Even if there is one, he can only stop one of you. So some people risk it.

I would just leave five minutes earlier and not risk getting the ticket. But that's just me.

I understand why nobody does 50 on the road between the airport and Main Street. It's wide open and you can see cops from miles away.

I don't understand those who speed on Rimrock or Poly Drive. You can drive up my butt as far as you want, but I'm not going to speed up or pull over. When you honked, and I assume gave me some sort of gesture, I cried all the way home.

Since we're talking traffic, I'll fill you in on my merge policy. One car. That's right, I'll let in one car. Unless that car has passed a long line of cars when he could have pulled in a long way back. Then my number is zero. You can try to force your way in. Don't. My insurance is great. How's yours?


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