I don't know why I was thinking about this job that I had in high school, but I was. I always tell people that I love my job. But I haven't loved every job that I've worked along the way.

I didn't mind being a bus boy at 4B's. I enjoyed making pizzas. And driving the school bus was really mostly good if you don't count the junior high boys that were on my route.

But one job that I didn't really care for was when I was a parts runner for City Motors in Great Falls. I would roam the parts warehouse picking out parts to mail to other car dealerships around Montana. And my final duty each day was to take a load of all those parts that I picked out and drive them all to the bus station and post office.

City Motors Great Falls
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One good part of that job was that I got to drive a brand new Chevy S-10 pickup to make my deliveries. And I got to see all of the new Corvettes and Camaros before they got put out on the showroom floor.

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I would dream of one day I could actually afford one. (which turned out to be sixteen years later when I bought my first new car, a 1996 Camaro)

I think that I didn't like working there is because there wasn't really anybody to talk to. I've always been extremely social. And in the days before internet, guys who worked in the parts department were on the phone almost all of the time. So there's really nobody to talk to.

So I quit that job and went back to the world of hot pizza waitresses.

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