Our topic for Weird Wednesday this week was "Things that married couples shouldn't do together". And by far, the top two were towing vehicles with each other and backing up trailers. Working cows together was third.

I didn't golf this week. But next week looks pretty promising.

I've been letting my daughter drive my pickup on some of our back roads. Getting her ready for driver's training. It sure reminds me of when my dad taught me.

A female friend of mine has a video of some punk stealing her propane tank. She found his name and his address, which is the same as his mom's because they live together. She's wondering how to handle it.

I could not care less about any detail from the Johnny Depp trial. It's been trending all over the place it's impossible to escape it.

And lastly, I am frustrated by our local TV station's news coverage. But, I understand that a lot of it's money-related. Cutting costs. The companies that own KTVQ and Kulr-8 are just trying to do the best job they can with the limited number of reporters that they are being allowed to keep on staff.

And about the time you start to like one of the reporters and their work around here, they get a better offer in a bigger market and they move on. (Frank Field, Zoe Zandora)

So for instance with yesterday's story about the liquor store robbery, we didn't get a hard news reporter or crime reporter doing a stand-up in front of the place that got robbed. No interviews with witnesses. Instead, we get a copy of the tweet from the Billings Police Department. Along with a rewording of what was in the tweet.

And heaven forbid we have a big news event happen over the weekend. You never get details until Monday for something that happened Saturday night. Didn't "reporters" used to get up in the middle of the night to cover big events?

Just my two cents. Have a great weekend.

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