Lainey Wilson is now offering a personalized birthday card. I got one from Donny Osmond one time that was really cool.

We had another bison/vacationer encounter this week in Yellowstone.

Speaking of Yellowstone, they are filming again in and around Missoula through mid-August.

I've been seeing the promos for the next "Bad Boys" movie with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. Have we forgiven Will Smith for smacking Chris Rock in the face? Or do we just really like his character in "Bad Boys," so we forgive and forget?

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The a cappella group Home Free announced a show at ABT in October. I've never seen them live. Might have to go to that one.

Our beltway/bypass opened officially this week. Now we only need about three more ways to get out of the Heights.

We also had our primary election this week, and we know who is running against whom. Tester is apparently going to keep advertising heavily. I'm guessing that not many voters could tell you the name of the Democrat who won the primary.

You know what restaurant I miss? Torres Cafe. Their little tacos were just a little different than anybody else's. I'd get a couple of those and a couple of their enchiladas, followed by a nap.

I always thought somebody would buy those recipes and do a food truck with them. I had many a lunch date out there. I'd get there at 11, eat, and be walking out the door when the regular lunch crowd was walking in.

As long as I've still got Taco Treat, I'll be fine.

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