This was the twentieth year that Paul & I have been associated with the bee.

We've done the event at Petro Theatre, Billings West Highs auditorium, the Skyviews, and this year at the Lincoln Center.

We sit on the side of the stage where we get a birds eye view of the process.

The one thing I'd like to get addressed is raising some money to pay the rent for these places. If they had a little money, they could keep the event in one arena, year after year.

Thanks to Julia Lillethun, David Carlson, Stephen Lillethun, Alysha Hanson, Marlene Hensley, Vanesssa Lund, Jamie Swan, Brenda Koch, and Jaclyn Terland for all that you do all year, EVERY year.

Also want to thank Computers Unlimited, Target, Mc Donalds, City Brew, Billings Gazette, Allegra Print & Imaging, Lincoln Center Auditorium staff, The Burger Dive, and many community sponsors.

I'm already looking forward to NEXT year!

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