Native Montanans probably knew that the state is home to more than 61 hot springs, according to  I had no idea.

With the amount of snow we have been getting, right now seems like a great time to take a little dip! Now, my mission is to soak my bod in each of them. Where to go first? Some are closer to Billings than others

Need a little break, maybe sometime away?  Who says you have to leave the state to enjoy a great vacation? Did you fall a little short on Valentine's Day? This might be the perfect way to make it up to that person.

  • 1

    Chico Hot Springs

    Chico is a family-friendly resort and is a favorite among locals. The original Chico Warm Springs Hotel opened in 1900.

  • 2

    Norris Hot Springs

    The setting is rustic and peaceful, the grounds are kept clean and the soaking is affordable. Norris Hot Springs even offers live poolside music, food and beverages

  • 3

    Fairmont Hot Springs

    Fairmont Hot Springs is family-friendly. It offers a 350-foot water slide, two soaking tubs, a huge indoor swimming pool, a golf course, a children’s playground and a spa.

  • 4

    Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort

  • 5

    Lolo Hot Springs

    Restaurants and casinos, pool and the hot springs.  Plenty to do at Lolo Hot Springs even if you don't plan on taking a dip.

  • 6

    Jackson Hot Springs

    Fly fishing, skiing, fine dining and a soaking pool of all natural mineral water. Jackson Hot Springs is where Montanans go to enjoy the best parts of the state.

  • 7

    Bozeman Hot Springs

    Not just hot springs but spa, fitness center, and cold plunges. Need to recharge your batteries? Bozeman Hot Springs might be the spot.

  • 8

    Elkhorn Hot Springs

    From the video it looks like this place is pet-friendly. You can take the entire family to this one.

  • 9

    Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs

    This video shows more than just sleeping buffalo

  • 10

    Boulder Hot Springs

    OK, this video is a little long but it will give you a nice overview of  Boulder Hot Springs.  Sweetie!  :)

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