As I sit and try to think about the most important aspects, events and people that I've crossed paths with working here for 30 years, it's hard to give you the best of each, but I'll give you some of them.

Our very first GM, Keith Tilkens had a combination of business acumen combined with kindness that is rarely found. Quick to compliment and praise, while talking to you like he was your father when you had done something wrong.

He also spent $15,000.00 on that 1st inflatable cat we had, without getting permission from ownership, but it was a great move.

We lost him in a car crash in about 1989.

So many great folks in the office like Ann Berg, Marcia Moss, Diane Frasier, Nanchantress, Christina Irmen, Heather Marxer, and long and varied list of both nice and often crazy receptionists. Tiffy Whiffy In A Jiffy Comes to mind.

I couldn't guess how many sales people that have worked here, but it's several hundred. Susie Paddock, Sue Robison, Linda Simonsen, Dennis Reno, Karen Black, Linda Thompson, Clark Fletcher, Monica Eldridge, Karen Gallagher, Sandy Smollack, Linda Tilkens, Terra Pierce, Scott Hofferber and too many more good sales people have worked here.

On air former coworkers who did a good job include Jim Diamond, Roy Brown, Ed Mcintosh, Rob Kovatch, Jeff Womack, and Henry Keith Todd.

And John Thomas, our original overnight announcer (pictured circa 1989) and later, the production guru who worked here until his death a couple of years ago. Extremely funny combined with being bipolar, but a great guy.

If you worked here in the last 30 years, but didn't get mentioned, you should've been nicer to me, I guess.

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