Radio is a business where you meet a lot of people and I'm thinking back today on many of the really nice people that I've had the pleasure of meeting since I started on the air, here, in 1988.

Rudy Gatlin. The Gatlins were in town for a show last summer and he stopped by the studio. Great guy. Funny and articulate. Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown. Kathy Mattea, Patty Loveless, Neil McCoy, Travis Tritt, Tracy Lawrence, Vince Gill, and of course Garth and Trisha. There were many more, but I can't remember them all as I blog.

I cherish the unexpected moments when I was backstage and the star just sort of walked up and started chatting with me. Ray Price, Charlie Daniels, and Merle Haggard were all so cool. Wynonna & Naomi were both just so classy.

Danny Ainge. Now in the front office with the Celtics. He owned a hat business here and was probably my favorite interview ever. If you recall his TV commercial with Dennis Johnson, he says "Get a real job"; that's what he autographed on the poster he gave me.

Bill Chiesa at Metra and his wife, Sharon. Also, the recently retired Sue DeVries and Sandra Hawk.

Our Flakesgiving regulars, Chris White of Alberston's, Mark Williamson, Kim, Scott, Virgil, Kevin, Mary Bauman and the other hundreds upon hundreds of helpers that have shown up to help. Lisa Skov who has recruited countless students while raising money to help us.

The long list of folks who played basketball with us (but that's a different blog).

Del at Boot, Brims & Britches. Denny Menholt & Randy Point, who can't putt.

Theresa at Godfathers.The gang at Treasure State Formal Wear. All of the Ridgeways with Pickle Barrel. Walt & Terri at Bridger Steel. First Kevin, the Kevin & Ruth at Trackside Auto Body.

Carol with Chase Hawks.

The one I get the most teasing over is, Brittney, the Weinermobile Girl. Nice gal. Interesting job. And could play the "I Wish I were An Oscar Meyer Weiner" theme on one of those plastic "Weiner Whistles".

Don't be hurt if I didn't mention you in here and you thought you deserved to be. I'm older and forgetful.

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