Cat Country 102.9’s Mark and Paul delivered two new metal detectors to the Shepherd School District on Tuesday morning. Purchased with funds from the Flakesgiving Foundation, the walk-through metal detectors will be used by the middle school and high school in Shepherd.

Credit: Johnny Vincent

Just a few minutes after delivery, school officials were busy setting up their new gift of security. When asked if he was helping assemble the metal detectors, Mark Wilson commented, "I am acquisition. They are labor.”

Credit: Johnny Vincent

According to Garrett Metal Detectors, the CS 5000 is “the industry’s most economical and effective walk-through metal detectors. Its microprocessor technology offers greater sensitivity for detecting weapons from the archway to the floor.”

In January, after a child brought a gun to school, The Breakfast Flakes made an offer to purchase two metal detectors for each of the Billings District 2 high schools. When that offer was declined, other schools in the Cat Country 102.9 listening area jumped at the opportunity. Shepherd School District is the first to receive donated metal detectors from the Flakes with more schools to be announced soon.

I don't understand why metal detectors were never in the conversation. You must prevent the weapon from getting in the school, PERIOD. Wouldn't be great if our school detectors never found a weapon? That makes it worth it. -Paul Mushaben, The Breakfast Flakes


Credit: Johnny Vincent

Once the new metal detectors are up and running at Shepherd, Mark and Paul plan to return for an official presentation later this spring.

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