The MontanaFair is 64 days away and I'm sure there is some great anticipation of the event getting back to normal this year. I appreciate all the time and hard work that goes into putting on event of that magnitude, but it's time for some innovation.

The main reason for the MontanaFair now is to generate operating revenue for MetraPark while providing a recreational activity for Yellowstone and the surrounding counties. So, let's innovate to do just that. Here are my suggestions:

1) The fair should provide rain-checks on your admission fee should a rainstorm cancel your evening.

2) There should be at least 1 free admission day for Yellowstone County residents who support the venue with their tax dollars.

3) Why not implement the token deal at night like they do for lunch?  So many people just want to go and eat for supper, give them 2 hours like lunch to eat (and spend) and leave without an admission charge.

4) How about a one-time pass for youth. Pay one admission fee and get in as many times as you want for 10 days. Imagine the boost in ride and concession revenue.

5) Have they ever looked into some gambling opportunities now that most of that is legal in our state? Another inviting revenue source and a draw for many.

6) How about an all-you-can-ride and/or an all-you-can-eat pass for kids.

We need a refresh button on the fair to keep families wanting to go back and getting new families there. We have to innovate in order to keep it fresh and inviting instead of the same old same old. If we do you'll see your revenues increase and that's one of the main functions of this event. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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