Another Friday has arrived, so another summary of events in my awesome life.

  • My daughter got to be a bridesmaid for the first time. The wedding reception had 200 guests that didn't socially distance and exactly zero of us got the virus.
  • Legion Baseball brought us some goodies. Thanks, Travis.
  • I'm proud that my flowers were left on Paul's dad's grave. You were a good one, Howard.
  • The city of Great Falls Travel Board has been running commercials inviting folks to vacation in "the best damn town in Montana." If you're ever headed that way, give me a call and I'll give you a list of the best hotels and touristy places to see. And Moroni Dam is on my list.
  • "Cuz it's Friday, cuz it's Monday.....Cuz we ain't gonna get to one day....That's why we drink." Love those lyrics. It's just too many letters to put on a personalized license plate.
  • After Thursday's post about my allergies, I'm sad to report that nobody offered me any magic pill. Maybe I need a genie in a bottle to give me three wishes. After the first two concerning Sheryl Crow, allergies will get fixed.
  • As I walked into work this morning I saw a U-Haul truck parked in our lot and it triggered a memory of mine and a U-haul truck that was governed and wouldn't do over 55 mph. Oh, did I mention that it didn't have air conditioning and the temp on moving day was 106 degrees? Yep. Good times.
  • Hey, Kymm Stark. Thanks for remembering and sending your card. It was very much appreciated.
  • Thanks to the folks who sponsored us at the Gratitude In Action golf tournament at Eagle Rock on Thursday. We sure had a good time PLUS got to pick out a tool of our choice! Today, it's the Optimists Tournament at Pryor Creek.
  • My take on COVID is that most people don't fear it. The ones that do that I see are at the grocery store with their masks on. Good. If you are at risk, you should wear a mask.
  • I am careful not to crowd other shoppers. I try to respect their space. But one area where I still struggle is with the direction arrows in each aisle. I don't write my list down so I'm concentrating on trying to remember what all I need. So, sometimes I end up going the wrong way which has earned me some dirty looks. Sorry. I'll try harder.

Have a great weekend. We are back Monday morning at 5 a.m.


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