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  • Unfortunately, we learned more about the "China flu" this week. We also learned how powerful our superintendent of schools is. He's not allowing students at any of the games. Students also cannot gather at the fence to watch the games or they could be fined for trespassing. Discuss that one with your friends.
  • I sure would like to hear more about public lands, taxes, and who isn't telling the truth. That last sentence wasn't paid for by any candidate or candidate's committee.
  • The lobster bisque soup at Jake's Bar & Grill is amazing.
  • I sure love this time of year when the leaves on all of the trees are changing color. But I'm not a big fan of the leaves hit the ground. Raking is my least favorite task.
  • I've seen my first few newly designed C-8 Corvettes. Very Sexy. One of those is on my "Someday List."
  • I don't know how much the people who stand on busy street corners with the "going out of business" signs make, but I hope it's a lot.

My photo is of me and my buddy, Darrell Clement. We were at an Eagles/Broncos game in 1989. He was a huge Broncos guy. But he never got to see his team win the Superbowl because he committed suicide.

He took a trip around the state seeing all of his friends one last time. He was saying goodbye, but none of us saw the signs. We didn't see anything wrong because, back then, I didn't ask those kinds of questions. Now I do. Because of Clemmer.

In his honor, I'm going to buy the cheapest can of beer that I can find and toast my friend who was always up for a race, water skiing in April, and was always the first guy to embarrass us all when we got a good-looking waitress. Sure miss him.

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