Dear Sir;

I could not have been more surprised when I received your invoice in the mail.  At first I didn't notice that there was anything wrong, but as I went to pay the invoice, it dawned on me that you are not the lawn care service I had hired to maintain my lawn.  I kindly left you a voice mail to discuss the matter.  You were kind enough to call me back.  However that is where the conversation quit being nice.

At the beginning of the call, you told me that you remember coming by and giving me an estimate for the service.  And that I told you that I would visit with my husband and if, and I stress IF we wanted to hire you , I would call you back.  As you admit, I did not call you back, therefore that would mean, that I was not interested in your services.  You, however, took it upon yourself to come and mow my lawn, not once, but twice.  Now to clarify, I thought that the person we did hire had mowed the lawn (as we were not home when you mowed). As I pointed this out to you, you  informed me that if I didn't want you to mow my lawn, my husband should have said something.  Well, after a few heated moments, I think I finally got you to understand the person you saw near my house was not my husband (he was working), but the downstairs neighbor.

I would have been more apt to come to a calm mutual agreement on how to take care of the invoice, until you said that I owed you the money, and if I didn't pay you, you would turn me over to collections.  Sir, that is when I got mad and decided that I would not pay you any of it.  I can understand that you did the service, but I didn't hire you, so I was not going to pay a single penny.  I am truly sorry the conversation ended how it did. There were a few other things said, that I will not put in this letter, as they are not lady like, but I do thank you for finally understanding where I was coming from and agreed that you did misunderstand, and that I did not hire or ask you for your services.

Moving forward, I guess I will have to get something in writing to make sure everyone knows who is getting paid.




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