We gave the town of Glendive's tourism industry a shot in the arm this week.

As of May, I am now eligible to start withdrawing money from my 401k.

Garth Brooks announced another stadium show. This one is in Edmonton, Alberta. And it's only 717 miles away. Time to road trip?

I always knew that you could get your picture taken when you're "Just a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona", you can also eat at a joint called The Flat Bed Ford Cafe.

I'm glad that there was so much interest in my article on the "Big Ditch". Somebody commented that there is some drone footage where they fly the length of it. But I've spent a lot of time on the BBWA Facebook page, but can't find it.

And several school districts are asking property taxpayers for more money for their schools. Most notably, Park City. They are asking voters for 16.745 million. And if you have a $ 200,000 house in the district, your taxes will go up an additional $ 529.15 on top of what they are already paying.

I get both sides of the argument. But I'm of the mind that we have to stop coming back to the property taxpayers over and over and over.

And only managed to play 27 holes of golf this week. But finally made a birdie, giving me a total of one for the season. But I had a rock chuck stand up on a rock and chatter when I went up to hit my ball. He obviously couldn't clap, so this was his way of showing his appreciation.

Have a great weekend. see you Monday, bright and early at 5.

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