Instead of my usual Friday Fragments, I want to reflect on some of the memories that pop up when I think back to the beginning of what we've built here over the years.

  • The 102.9 signal switched to something called "Cat Country" on March 1st, 1988. We were the first radio station in Billings to play all of our music from compact discs. And "Fritz" the inflatable cat was the first of its kind in this area.
  • All of the air staff was required to wear tuxedos for all remote broadcasts and concert emcee duties. (I haven't worn won since.)
  • We had our "Tell A Friend Free Money Cash Call." We did "Learn To Ski For Free" day at Red Lodge Mountain and drew the largest crowd in America.
  • Paul & I started Flakesgiving over thirty years ago. Then, in 1996 we started giving away trips for two and inviting people to travel with us.
  • We raised money with the Cat Country All Stars basketball team, and we traveled our part of the state. We played in every gym from Melstone to Custer, and from Judith Gap all the way down to Gardiner. I know that we played games in Bridger twenty times.
  • Demolition derbies, bump & run races, motorcycle races, sumo-suit wrestling, beaver feeds, rooftop broadcast, speaking at career days, graduations, and to various chambers of commerce, it's been a varied existence.

I'm hoping to hear from you folks who read these and see what your memories are of us and our radio station. We've made an awful lot of friends through the years because of working here and am very thankful for that. Thanks for your decades of support. And thanks for listening.

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