Paul Mushaben

Two Big Seasons: Hunting and Construction
We have two big seasons in Montana: hunting season and construction season. Guess which one people like better? Chip sealing is big now and watch for the project at the I-90/I -94 Interchange. Expect delays and watch the signs, 6am to midnight...
Don't Argue With A Woman
We have a gal that works here who said her husband was going "coyotee" hunting on Sunday. I told her it was coyote, not coyotee. She said, "No, it's coyotee."
A Pence Expense
I don't care who visits but we should not be left holding the bill, especially if we are struggling to find money in our city budget for police and fire protection.
What A Hypocrite
Governor Bullock has joined New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in suing the IRS for donor information. But here's the thing: Bullock based his whole campaign on how terrible people from New Jersey are.
"Crude" Joke
I see the price of crude oil this morning was around the $56 a barrel range. That's down 20% from where it was two months ago when our gas jumped to $2.82 a gallon. So, where is our break at the pump?

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