Do you know what I'd really like to see in our local television newscasts?  A segment where a viewer gets up to three minutes to give their opinion about anything that they would like. We do it.

You can e-mail us and we'll read it on the air. If you make negative comments about what we have written, we read those on the air. It's O.K. to disagree.It leads to healthy discussions.

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So I'm officially calling out KULR-8 and KTVQ to let the citizen's voices be heard. I'll even help you figure out the programming. Cut your health programming just a little and then eliminate the chatting between the main anchor and weather guy at the end of each broadcast and you'll have plenty of time to add what I believe would be a very popular segment.

I would think that you would have to let the person with the day's opinion be recorded at your studios. The only rule being no profanity. If you just had an anchor read what somebody else wrote, we wouldn't know if it was edited. When you're listening to somebody talk, you know what point they are trying to make.

It's been a long time, but I seem to remember local TV stations at least reading letters on the air that were sent in by viewers. Heaven knows that everybody these days has an opinion on almost everything and they are willing to go back and forth all day arguing with you on social media.

Come on local TV folks. I think people would tune in.

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